About Us

A local dental office, with a focus on you.

Our office was founded over 20 years ago with the goal of providing honest, patient-centered dental care while always offering the best materials and techniques that dentistry has to offer.  After taking the office over some years ago, Dr. Goss has continued this tradition.

Our mission every day is to make each patient feel:

  • Welcomed and relaxed when they walk through the door
  • Listened to when we are discussing dental conditions and treatments
  • Comfortable and at ease when they’re undergoing treatment
  • Cared for, as if they were one of our own family members, at all times

We work hard to earn our patients’ trust and try to make every visit something to look forward to— yes, even at the dentist!



Video Transcription

My name is AJ Goss, I’m a dentist and I’ve been practicing for four and half years.

My uncle is a close mentor of mine and he’s a dentist, well he was a dentist in the area, he’s retired now. I spent a little time with him and what I fell in love with about dentistry is that patients would come in and we would send them home fixed. A lot of time patients would come in with a problem and you could solve it that day very often and send them home feeling good and not having to worry about it anymore.

To me, good dental work is something that you don’t have to think about it. It should be worry-free when you show up, it should be stress-free and pain-free while you’re here and hopefully something you don’t have to think about too much after the fact. I think what makes us unique is that we understand that all of our patients are unique. Sometimes patients will come to us from an office where they feel their concerns weren’t listened to or that they weren’t treated like an individual that had their own thoughts and opinions and concerns and we really strive here to make it a very personalized experience for each of our patients. We book extra time so that we have time to talk and listen to your concerns and that’s probably job #1 for us.

So, that first visit when you come in, we hope that the first thing you feel is a warm environment that you are welcomed into. And it also gives us all of us in our office a lot of joy when we can make that whole experience a happy and stress-free visit for our patients. That’s something we really try to do and hopefully we achieve.

Obviously, I’m biased as a dentist, but there’s nothing more valuable than a regular dental checkup and screening. Coming in for regular visits and cleanings allows us to catch problems when they’re small and easy to fix. Dentistry has come a long way in the last number of years, just about every procedure can be completed in a stress-free and pain-free manner.

We love when we can treat whole families. We put a lot of effort into providing convenient times for families, particularly when they come together. When the whole family knows the dentist, a lot of time we can be assessing risk based on what conditions a parent may have had and it’s just nice for the whole family to have a relationship with us.

We really love seeing kids. We really feel it’s really important for kids to come in at a young age. We really encourage young parents in particular to bring their young kids in whether it’s a 1, 2, or 3 year old, watching mom and dad get their teeth cleaned in a stress free and relaxed environment is crucial. When they’re ready, we give them a ride in the chair to count their teeth, and we find that when kids are able to watch their parents go through it and have a good experience it’s easily a good experience for them too. We’re happy to do what we love treating the whole family.
When a patient comes in on a budget, we take a lot of pride in listening to their concerns and what I always like to point out to people is that modern dentistry offers a lot of different solutions for a lot of different problems. We really take a lot of pride in treating people as individuals and understanding that everybody’s got a set budget to work within. We can almost always find options to treat your problem in a reasonable way.

Our Practice's Philosophy

Watch the videos below to learn about the philosophy of care that guides our practice.

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